Know What's In Our Mind?

Mindfully Sorted is passionately committed to connecting all the dots related to 'Mind Matters' under one platform, creating a well-integrated hub with interwoven practices to explore. We aim to bring together the best of the experts, practices and research materials in the most convenient, simple and affordable ways.

Why We Exist

What is Mental Health? In simple terms, as defined by WHO, Mental health is a state of well-being in which an individual realizes his or her own abilities, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and is able to make a contribution to his or her community.


In Eastern Philosophies, Mental Health was an integral part of overall wellbeing. Ayurveda to Buddhism, everyone believes mental health as the integral part of overall wellbeing. However, over time, the word 'mental has turned into a stigma. It is high time we change, we care for our mental health before it turns into a problem or severe clinical illness. 

All practitioners in this field whom we interacted during our research strongly believe that if we can sort things out at the beginning, not letting open emotional wounds or distorting thoughts to build a nest in our minds for long, we can not only live a happier life but be more resilient version of ourself.

At Mindfully Sorted, we help you find your own way to express, heal and grow to reach your potential. We are one stop for every matter of mind!

How we will help?

Self -help - With out content, videos, webinars, assessments and tools, we help you to find your own way to explore your mind
Workshops: Join group interventions, to learn various practices and how they are used to improve mental health. 
Connect to trusted experts - Talk to the most trusted experts across India. Express in your mother tongue, seek help whenever you need. We also do one session therapy just to sort your mind when you are stuck. 
Not too sure - Just connect with us through chat or email. We will speak to you in detail to understand your problem and guide you with the best options to choose. 

Whom we aim to cater

To stay focussed, we will target our solutions towards the adults within the age group of 21 - 60 years and belonging to urban/semi-urban Indian or similar to Indian communities. Through our platform, we customize diverse ways and means to reach every corner of our target group.

Our Founder's Journey so far

As an HR practitioner for the last 15 + years, Sarmistha Mazumder, has worked on her idea actively since 2015, observing, learning and experimenting in the field of emotional well being. She believes that Indian ( and similar) society needs to proactively be more aware and address the importance of expressing and caring for our thoughts and feelings. Her vision is to shape 'Mindfully Sorted ' as a catalyst and change-maker in the space of emotional well being for Indian Society. We look forward to collaboration and Ideas as we begin our journey in 2020!

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