Dr. Asad Chaturvedi

Dr. Asad Chaturvedi

Dr. Asad Chaturvedi, PhD is a Positive Psychologist and Law of Attraction Coach, Author & Motivational Speaker who works with individuals to address their relationship challenges and with Corporates to assist in their Leadership journey. Law of Attraction Coaching, Relationship Coaching, Leadership Coaching and Life Coaching are his areas of expertise.


Online, Bengaluru

Charges - INR 5000/- per session

About Expert

With 26 plus years of professional and industry experience Dr. Chaturvedi is also the author of the book, "25 Secrets to a Successful You" as well as the book, “The Leadership Conundrum” (which was an entry for the Crossword Book of the Year 2013). Dr. Chaturvedi also enjoys the arts and is an accomplished drummer. He is also Member, Board of Directors, Clever Touch Technologies which is a new age firm involved in the education technology.

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Experience Summary

A PhD in Positive Psychology, Certified Law of Attraction Coach, NLP Master Practitioner, NLP Coach, Reiki Master & Teacher, Certified Life Coach and Certified Child Psychologist.

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