Kamal Singh

Kamal Singh

Clinical Music Therapy is based on the understanding that the ability to respond to music is an inborn quality in all human beings. This ability usually remains unaffected by impairments, injury or illness and is not dependent on musical training. Kamal is a qualified and accomplished Music Therapist based out of Bangalore. He has more than 7 years of experience in the field of individual as well as group therapies.



Online, Bangalore/ Charges - INR 1200/- per session

About Expert

Kamal is Clinical Music Therapist grounded in a client-centered, attachement and empowerment-based philosophy. His experience includes working with Learning/Developmental Disability, Alzheimer’s, Autism, Mental health, and with children who have cancer and their families. His professional and personal focus is on enabling a secure space for change and growth through self expression, creativity, and musical improvisation. He uses Guitar, Voice, Percussion instruments and various other instruments and musical toys. These are some of the places he has worked in: Muskaan (Delhi), St.Judes (Noida), Sunshine Autism Trust, Bubbles Center for Autism and Nightingales Medical Trust in Bangalore.

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