Mindfully Sorted Masterclass

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Course Details

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  • 2 hours online course - Includes 18 short videos plus Articles, Self Screening Assessment. 

  • Followed by scheduled live session with Dr. Avinash for more interactive session.

  • Yoga workshop and one on one CBT - Insomnia counselling based available as required


India is known as one of the world's top 5 sleep-deprived nations. While we work long hours to succeed in our life, excel in work or academics, little do we realize that we are actually slowing ourselves down and accelerating our aging process. 

In this course, we have tried to explain the complex process of sleep in the most simple and understandable terms. Through this program you will be aware of various sleep problems which are subtly impacting your physical and mental health, many of them go unrecognized for a long time. And most importantly expert insights on what can help you to improve your sleep, in the most practical ways. We also curated practical solutions for working people, children, women, senior citizens, shift workers, frequent flyers, pregnant women among others keeping the Indian societal relevance. 

Chronic sleep deprivation impairs immune function, premature aging, memory loss, productivity decrements, may promote obesity, depression, and various other issues. Healthy Sleep is a preventive medicine to a productive life. 

About our Experts: 

Dr. Avinash De Sousa: With over 20+ years of experience, Dr. Avinash is a well-known name in the field of mental health in India. He has over 300 publications in national and international journals. He is one of the few psychiatrists who in addition to a psychiatry degree has an MBA in Human Resource Development, a Masters in Psychotherapy and Counseling, and an MPhil in Psychology. He is also the editor of a journal called Indian Journal of Mental and President of Bombay Psychiatric Society. He is the Founder of the Desousa Foundation for promoting mental health awareness. 

 Jayanti Chakraborty (Yoga Expert): Jayanti is an accomplished Odissi Dancer, visharad in Manipuri classical dance, and has been practicing yoga since her childhood as part of the routine exercises during her classical dance classes. She continued her learning journey to be a proficient yoga trainer under the training and guidance of Bharat Thakur and Kranti Yoga, Goa. She runs her own wellness studio 'Ark Yoga' in Guwahati, Assam. 

Focus Areas: 

  • Why Sleep Matters: Understanding our Brain & sleep

  • The silent impact of 'Sleep Deprivation 

  • How do you measure healthy sleep - Time and Quality

  • The Rise of Sleep Problems - Symptoms and Preventions

    • Insomnia & Hypersomnia

    • Jetlag

    • Workshift

    • Sleep Apnea and other disorders

    • Depression & Anxiety-related problems

    • Physical related problems

  • Mastering the Art of Healthy Sleep

    • Power of Power Nap

    • Essentials of Sleep Hygiene

    • Alchohol and Caffeine

    • Blue Screen

  • How to improve sleep as:

    • Children

    • Women - Pregnancy & other hormonal changes

    • Senior Citizens

  • Myths and Facts

  • When to seek help for sleep issues

  • Yoga for good sleep by Yoga Expert - Jayanti Chakravarty