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We help you find your suitable counsellor from our growing network of 50+ experts based on your purpose, problem, demography and  budget.


How it works?

  • You can book the expert you want or we help you find your match

  • All our experts conduct virtual and in person sessions

  • We offer no packages, only ethical way of counselling as per your requirements

  • You can also switch your expert or find a different form of therapy as required

  • Few featured experts below, we are a growing network of 50+ experts

Counsellors & Talk Therapists

Expressive Art, Yoga & Meditation

Career Performance Coach

Join as an expert

Counsellors, Coaches, Therapists, Mindfulness Practitioners with minimum 5 years of experience in managing individual clients.

  • Leverage our technology platform to seamlessly conduct your virtual sessions

  • Our self-care tools helps you to stay in touch with clients even after the sessions, for long term

  • We also collaborate with you on various awareness drives, workshops and programs, supporting with content, design, communication and marketing


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