A Bond to Cherish Each Day

Gift something meaningful and mindful this Rakhi


Gratitude Journal

Research based 30 days gratitude journal filled with 30 new activities to celebrate each day and fill your life with positivity and hope. 

Gift this journal to yourself and you your sibling to say 'I care','I am there for you' and 'We are in it together'.


Specially effective for someone who has gone through difficult phase in last 2 years during pandemic. This will help to bring back hope and rewire your mind to be optimistic. Hard-bounded, this journal will be intact for years to go through and share notes.  

We gift wrap it and ship it via speed post for free within 3 days of placing the order. Additional charges for any urgent courier.  


A gift of habit

Clothes and accessories fade over time. But this is a lifetime gift. In 30 days, we start building a new habit of sitting down for 10 mins to journal. Clear our mind of negative thoughts and look at the bright new day ahead of us.