Nandini Yadalam

Nandini Yadalam

Nandini is a Visual Arts Therapist/Counsellor based out of Bangalore. She believes in working one-on-one clients. Art Therapy guides the resolution of emotional and psychological conflicts through the artistic therapeutic process.



Between 10-1pm, only by appointment, Bengaluru

About Expert

Nandini is a qualified Visual Arts Counsellor with a humanistic/transpersonal lens. She has a Masters Degree in Transpersonal Arts Therapy from Tobias School of Art and Therapy, UK. She currently has 3 years of experience of which she have been practicing privately in Bengaluru for the last 15 months. Taking a detour from her IT career, she chose to pursue Art Therapy and now find herself completely devoted to the power of art making for personal growth and emotional well-being.

Art Therapy is facilitated by a trained art therapist. It is a non-medicated, nonconfrontational mode of therapy which is suitable for adults and children (above 5 years) dealing with emotionally or physically challenging/stressful situations - like depression, anxiety, chronic illnesses, bereavement, trauma etc. It does not require any artistic skill or training.

Experience Summary

Based in Bangalore, Jo Paulson helps 16-60 year olds in discovering their passion, purpose and profession so that they can live a life of abundance, joy and happiness. He enables people to heal their untold pains and harvest unexpected gains using the widest range of psychometric assessments including emotional intelligence.

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