Sonali Ghosh

Sonali Ghosh

Provides socio-psychological support, coaching psychotherapy and counseling to sort out life issues to young adults and adults of all ages. Mode: Personal therapy, group therapy, pranic-healing.


Mon to Sat through appointment, Mumbai

About Expert

Sonali Ghosh is a seasoned Corporate Trainer & Psychotherapist with a rich experience of creating and delivering Training for Industry as well as Academia, especially in the areas of soft skills like the Psychology of Communication, Storytelling, Personality Development, Creative Writing, and Presentation Skills. Sonali holds Master's degrees in Business Administration as well as Psychotherapy & Counselling. She also holds a Diploma in Training & Development from ISTD.

Sonali also offers Coaching and Socio-Psychological Counselling services to individuals. Sonali is the founder of 'Dancing Lighthouse'—a brand dedicated to put more 'heart' in Learning.

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